Are You Ready for the unchartered ?

Renewal Life is God's Church. Designed to do God's Work. Today we invite you to join us on our journey to become more like Christ. We are so excited to be apart of your Journey. Here at Renewal Life we believe that every believer must travel down a path to get to where God wants them to go. Here we have developed a track called "Life Growth" Welcome to your Renewed Life Experience here at Renewal Life. This is Going to be Awesome!!!  

It All Changes in 4 Steps

Welcome to Renewal Life. Now that you have joined I wonder if you've asked the question what's next? So, here we are.. Welcome to Life Growth The Renewal Life Growth Path

Supportive Step: Step 1 

New to Church? Or are you new to Christ? Either one is perfect for us. Support Growth is our Pastor’s Favorite Step in the LIFE GROWTH program. This is where for 4 weeks our Pastor gets to teach and answer the questions as to why are you here? What can God do with you? What about your past and what is suppose to happen now that you are apart of Renewal Life Worldwide Worship Center.

Disciple Step: Step 2

So you’ve been in Church for awhile? You’ve been coming to Renewal Life for at least a month, you found out how we love to support new believers and you are ready to learn how to become a disciple. You want to tell your story and help others come to know Christ. Now, this is exciting not for us as a church but, for the Kingdom of God. Welcome we look forward to teaching you. Join us for this 4 week teaching it will be amazing.

Leading Step: Step 3

The Third Step is Leading Growth. Each and every leader in Renewal Life must go through this step before they are able to lead. Rather its Five-Fold Ministry or leading Small Groups this is the place where we come together and learn the most important lessons to continued Church Growth.

Serving Step: Step 4

Serving Growth this step is not classroom. This is where Pastor Je’Rico says “Get to Work!” with no questions asked you now officially have what it takes to lead and develop Kingdom Citizens and build relationships that encourages others to come to Christ.