About Us

Who is Renewal Life?

Renewal Life Worldwide Worship Center first launched its ministry in 2009. On behalf of our Senior Pastor and the entire Renewal Life Team we are excited you have chosen to be apart of the Renewal Life family. We are grateful that you are worshiping with us and we hope you find hope and inspiration right here at our site. Renewal Life is a church designed to take Kingdom building to the next level every day. We are worshiping Christ, Building Communities and Changing lives one Renewal Life Christian at a time. Our Church is designed right now as a social media ministry. We are in the beginning stages of relocating and re-branding our ministry to become a physical church in the Colorado Springs Area. We want you to know that the heart of our ministry is serving God. We serve God by teaching our members about who they really are in Christ. As they learn who Christ is in them our members are encouraged to continue to encourage others to come and become apart of the Renewal Life Family. If you are looking for a fresh start, please allow this to be your first introduction, We welcome you to the ministry and we welcome you to become apart of the change.


Church History: 


November 2009: Launched "The Lord Cares" Ministries. We launched the ministry as a outreach only initiative designed to bring change and advance communication between the "Lost" and the "Body of Christ". 


January 2011: The "The Lord Cares" Ministry re-branded to "Renewal Life Christian Ministries" as we aimed to become a church, we changed the name to become a church.


March 2013: We planted a church in Chicago, utilizing a Church planting facility.


July 2015: "Renewal Life Christian Ministries" went through its final name change. "Renewal Life Christian Ministries" became "Renewal Life Worship Embassy". 


July 2016: We closed down Renewal Life Worship Embassy.  


March 2017: "Renewal Life Worldwide Worship Center" was born as we aimed to move our church from a single location to a multi-site worship center.